Bill Clinton: Peace Maker of the Middle East

Bill Clinton during his entire presidency was active in pursuing peace in the Middle East.

September 13, 1993

Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat

President Clinton and his two friends having a stroll accross the White House lawn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It says 40 Jewish and 40 Arab children. Why not 40 muslim children or 40 Israeli children? Other than that, he was a great president. Good pictures!

November 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It says 40 Jewish and 40 Arab children. Why not 40 muslim children or 40 Israeli children? Other than that, he was a great president. Good pictures!

November 24, 2006  
Blogger Calev-Ben-David said...

because the jewish kids were jewish.. and the arab kids were not neccessary muslim.. but they were all arab. That was their common link.. they all spoke arabic .. and lived in arabic country..

November 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

paredes invisiveis são clocados em seus filho pelos os pais,pois com medo que algo lhes aconteça,infelizmente é a maneira que eles encontram de dar sentido de vida para o futuro que são as crianças,mas infelizmente a vida não é assim.Foi o melhor politico desta decada.Porem ,ao que o charme e belza deste candidato americano tornou-se polemico não foi pelo o que os americanos chama de escandalo,porem o que o mundo não percebeu é que ele foi o homem da paz.Pelo ao menos ele tentou.Mas a ganancia esta demais é um pais prospero,e que no fundo no fundo não percebe que deixou de ser uma democracia...é uma maquina falha como as demais nações ricas.Cultiva-se a guerra e ponto final.Esta batalha ele não venceu.E agora esperamos que a sua saude seja recuperada pois como atual responsavel pelo o fundo quye foi organizado para ajudar o HAITI ele tem muitas responsabilidades e acredito que ele e só ele e o exercito brasileiro das forças de Paz,pois estão lá para pacificar mesmo e ajudar a população tão maltratada pelas as politicas anteriores assim como,e tambem pela esta ultima catastrofe.espero que a tal reconstrução seja feita e o mais importante reestruturar empregos para a população.Ressalto tambem a ajuda humanitaria que não é so americana mas de todos os outros paises,que a maior ajuda para eles é o perdão da divida externa deste pais para com os outros.Assim começando do zero.Provavelmente encontraram uma saida para isto.

February 12, 2010  
Blogger Betty Berry said...

Yah obama cannot handle talks only give aways, just as clinton is now going to do, his idea of solving a diplomatic crisis is to promise the dictators such as he did kim jun got ill, saying we Americans will give you billions of dollars you can lose around the world in your private bank accounts if you will say the word peace! Due to bill clinton 9-11 came into being due to 8 years of buying silence and bending forward and backwards for muslims every time they snapped their lid or fingers, and just weeks into office George Bush had to stand against the muslims that planned for over three years before he came into office 9-11 them thinking this clinton is weak, if all americans are like this we can just demand their nation!

The obama liberal campaign machine which we have to call public media, all news networks campaigning for obama while masquerading as journalists! obama says you must work for everybody when he is the first president we have had that only works for those black or criminal or both, he seems to believe white people and people of wealth are not part of everybody/America when they built Americas foundation long ago or there would be no America for all to run to in fear or hunger! Now the obama come lately's want's to act as though they did anything! So he says the words you must serve everybody, and the weak minded/mind controlled by the liberal media hear and obey/believe! Our nation and Embassy's under attack around the globe and he is having honey beer with David Letterman!

Never has so much shame been put into a presidential campaign as obama's, his base has awoke to his past lies so he now has turned gay when being elected on a anti-gay marriage platform, he now after letting women suffer as he calls it just before the end of his term in office he now says women deserve better pay, yet waited to just before election for his saving gesture, putting women behind gays, muslims, and every criminal in america, and now when his base is leaving him he wants to help get them more money! And recently having so called classified documents released that have fictious boostings of his greatness in every hand written classified secret letter, and he still claims victory of a war he would have nevered began, and claims to be the killer of osama ben liden, and it was Bush who set up the agencies and Bush who went after the killers of our people, but now obama claims to be a general! And he now says Europe keeps him from conquering our debt, when he asks for more player money everyday, when every president before him, dealt with the economy which literally built Europes economy, but he cannot handle it! So he has now played every evil trick of mind control on all of America from the women to the men who claim to be women, the only thing he has left is to out do KIM Jun Ill with 100 holes in one/100 three point shots..For evidence our Lord Jesus the God of Bush has had enough of the mandasity put forth by obama and any other trying to cause the fall of His nation our Lord Swore would be, go to the website at Adam and Eve seed gathering Ministry and on the prophecy and the signs page are the prewritten news events of this day written three years ago and more and are the likes of the Japan quake and tidal wave and the DC/Virginia Beach Virginia quake { with more now coming to DC/V.Beach } a quake our Lord brought on the same day as the unveiling of the martin luther king statue in DC! With many other signs prelisted that have come and are coming, also go to the site at Adam and Eve in Action blog wherein are undeniable sounding/waking/gathering links pages and films... much respect to All of Adam and Eve/God's seed Deuteronomy 32:8.

September 23, 2012  

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