Bill Clinton: Peace Maker of the Middle East

Bill Clinton during his entire presidency was active in pursuing peace in the Middle East.

October 26, 1994

Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin & King Hussein

On October, 26, 1994 Jordan and Israel signed an historic peace treaty in a ceremony held in the Arava valley of Israel, north of Eilat and near the Jordanian border. Prime Minister Rabin and King Hussein of Jordan shook hands with Bill Clinton applauding.

An excerpt from the President's remarks at the ceremony:
"...At the dawn of this peace of a generation, in this ancient place we celebrate the history and the faith of Jordanians and Israelis. But we break the chains of the past that for too long have kept you shackled in the shadows of strife and suffering. We thank those who have worked for peace before. We celebrate the efforts of brave leaders who saw the bright horizon of this dawn, even while the darkness lingered."


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